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We’ll help you grow your business and your customers' business, too! 

Our #1 priority is to help you sell more equipment.

Partner Benefits

Provide full-service to your customers No need to bring another party into the transaction. As one of our partners, you can offer your customers 100% financing for the entire purchase, including freight, installation, training, and software.

Quicker sale process with financing options fend off objections Offer finance options in your sales proposal to minimize your customer’s time researching alternative sources to finance the equipment.

Provide reasonable pricing through financing. Monthly payments are easier to manage than full purchase, with little or no cash commitment upfront. Selling monthly payments against potential profits makes sense to customers.

Increase control of your sale. Prevents a bank or other financing company from declining or referring the deal to another vendor. Allows you to always remain in control.

“Lock in” your customer and “lock out” your competition. Your relationship with your customer extends through the life of the term and locks out the competition on current and future business.

Early term buy-outs Control the process, setting the stage for future business. We handle the paperwork and transactions while working with you to help the customer upgrade and grow their business.

Facilitate equipment upgrades and add-ons. Make it easy for your customer to acquire additional equipment. Customers who finance are more inclined to trade in a piece of equipment and upgrade to a newer model more often than customers who pay cash.

We're Your Full Service Partner

We can manage the entire sale and including the software, installation and even pass-through billing for monthly equipment maintenance.

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Hi Dan, Thank you so much. Excellent, fast, easy job  - nicely done. I will let you know when I have a customer who needs financing next.

Warmest Regards

Melissa Burstein
Ra Medical Systems, Inc.